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I've been posting my art on the Digital Webbing site. If you like what you see here, go check out what the people there have to offer.

-My Girlfriend's roomate Julie found a picture of the band 12 Stones, with a strangely familiar face in the background. The guy with the "flame" beanie looks so much like me, it's scary. Check it out:

'Me' and the band 12 stones

Color Artwork

War Machine | 2002
A black and white piece. This is my kick-ass, mega powerful version of War Machine.

Wicked Queen | 2002
Full color piece of the emerging pop-star of the same name.

James King | 2002
Full color of Model James King

Leather Girl | 2003

Toxic Skunk Icon | 2003
Color Toxic Icon

Toxic Skunk Logo | 2001

Black and White Linework

Catwoman | 2002

Rhino | 2003
Picture of a Rhino I drew for my girlfriend April

Spider-Man | 2001
Drawing of Spidey... with "sausage fingers"

Black Costume Spidey | 2001
Spidey in his black costume

Spidey Swinging | 2002
Another one I did for April

Toxik Skunk | 2003

Mace Man | 2003
A major Bad-Ass I created

Hulk | 2003
A Sketch of the Hulk for a future panel to panel submission

NEW!F-15 | 2002
I actually did this before the recent events
in Iraq.

Old Stuff

This stuff is the older junk. Most of these weren't completed.
I feel I've really grown as an artist over the past
two or three years, so PLEASE don't judge my
stuff based on the following.

NEW!Sword Girl | 2001 A chick with a sword

NEW!Shifty Guy | 2001

NEW!Snowboarder | 2000
When I was really into snowboarding, I did this one

NEW!Ghost Rider | 1999
I did this (in pencil) for the Wizard cover contest,
but never submitted it. Bad scan.

NEW!Killer Prist | 1999
Not the rapper. This is when my "new" style
started coming through. I still
like it to this day