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Arizona 2/04


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Joans House This is my sister's house in Tucson, Arizona.

Mountains The view from my sisters front yard.
Casino Del Sol Casino del Sol... I should've just handed them my money...
Javelina A Javelina... we don't have those here in cleveland... I didn't see any the last time I was in Tucson, so I thought my sister was making these things up. But lo and behold, my second day there, we see this sucker on the side of the road.
Prickly Pear Cactus Just one example of the alien flora down there. These are a bunch of prickly pear cactus.
Saguaro Behold the mighty saguaro. They only grow in and around southern arizona, and this one was huge. It was like 20 feet tall...
Saguaro and Me This is me and the above saguaro. Now, I'm 6'00" tall, so you can imagine the size of this thing.
Picacho Peak This is Picacho Peak (I hope I spelled that right...). This was taken on the way to Phoenix, and you can see this thing for miles in any direction.